15 Artists & Their Lookalikes From Old-Fashioned Paintings

If, like everyone else, you’ve been obsessed with the Google Arts & Culture app all weekend long (join the club), you’re already tired of taking selfies and snapping pics of your friends and seeing which famous portraits you all look like. Which is exactly why we rounded up 15 of our fave artists and decided to use the app on them. And guys? Some of these are weirdly accurate. Take a look below.

1. Taylor Swift2. Justin Bieber3. Selena Gomez4. Hailee Steinfeld5. Diplo6. Nicki Minaj7. Cardi B

8. Demi Lovato9. DJ Khaled10. Shawn Mendes11. Nick Jonas12. Beyoncé13. Camila Cabello14. Post Malone15. Drake

PHOTOS: Getty Images/Google Arts & Culture


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